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hiring small = better for all!

Dear Big Businesses in New Jersey,

Right now, small businesses in NJ need you more than ever. Did you know small businesses employ over 49% of New Jersey’s private workforce? Well, at least we did up until the pandemic. You can help us do that again, faster, by hiring the Garden State’s small businesses instead of big, out-of-state companies. And the faster small businesses recover, the faster the state recovers.

We know your businesses have been hurting, too, so we’re NOT asking you to spend more money. (In fact, you may even save money!) We’re simply asking that you reallocate your spend to NJ’s small business community whenever possible. We are also petitioning our state leaders to offer tax incentives for big businesses when they choose to partner with New Jersey’s small businesses. You can sign the petition here.

 Small businesses employ your family, your friends, your neighbors…who can then come off of unemployment, earn money that can buy your products and services, and stimulate NJ’s economy as quickly as possible. 

Unless small businesses bounce back quickly, it is predicted that the country’s economy will not recover until 2023. But we’re New Jersey. Nobody knows about family like us. So corporate big brothers and big sisters, it’s time to help your younger siblings. Because right now, #JerseyStrong starts with #JerseySmall.

Sincerely, New Jersey’s Small Businesses

Small businesses create two-thirds of net new jobs, helping to drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. 

Prior to the current crisis, the 850,000+ small businesses in New Jersey employed roughly 1.8 million people. 

76% of small businesses in New Jersey have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Over 40% of small businesses say they can survive a few months or less in the current situation.

62% report that demand for their products or services has decreased, and there is no certainty when or if demand will return.

Pre-COVID, New Jersey had the country’s 8th largest economy – that’s a lot to rebuild.


The more people help, the faster NJ will recover. 
Here are some ways you can get involved.

Sign the petition to ask our state government to offer tax incentives to big businesses that hire small businesses.

Think about the places you spend money with companies outside of New Jersey, and consider if there is a way to bring some of that business to a small New Jersey firm.

Remove or simplify the procurement gate to make it easier for your company to work with new, smaller vendors.

Ask your larger vendors to hire NJ small businesses, perhaps setting target goals.

Create employee reward programs featuring gift cards to local businesses.

If you work at a NJ big business, spread the word at your company!

Sign the petition to ask our state government to offer tax incentives to big businesses that hire small businesses.

Show big NJ businesses how hiring you helps NJ recover faster – include NJ Small message and stats in your pitches, on your website, etc.

Hire other small NJ businesses! Can a local company deliver something you order from Amazon? Consider a local law firm, IT support company, marketing agency, etc.

Post on your social media: “Find out why hiring #NJsmall businesses can help NJ recover faster!”

Spread the word to everyone you know!

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As the cofounders of The S3 Agency, a small business based in Boonton, NJ that works with some of the state’s biggest brands, Denise Blasevick and Adam Schnitzler know firsthand how symbiotically successful the big business-small business relationship can be. They also know firsthand that small businesses are bearing the biggest brunt of the pandemic crunch.

The federal government knows this as well, which is why they put in place relief opportunities like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Unfortunately, only 5% of small businesses were fortunate enough to receive this relief. For those who did get PPP funding, it’s a temporary bandage: 8 weeks of sustenance.

Our economy needs a different solution; one that can provide immediate and long-lasting help. So we put our creative problem solving powers to the test and came up with the #NJsmall movement to focus on the power of New Jersey businesses to make our state a better place – by helping small and big businesses succeed together. We are asking Governor Murphy to institute a tax incentive to encourage our state’s big businesses to hire #NJsmall so more companies will thrive, more of us will have jobs, and more money will stay in our state…and instead of costing the state money, it will result in a net gain.

It’s a Win-Win-Win solution. Please sign the petition to ask Governor Murphy to help New Jersey recover faster. Thank you.

The S3 Agency is a WBENC-certified woman-owned small business that is proud to provide creative services to large businesses, such as BMW of North America, iconectiv and Tata Global  Beverages.

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