This Insightful Interview Shows How #NJsmall Will Help New Jersey’s Economy Recover Faster

With over 159 million page views per month, of which 82% are from local residents, is one of our state’s primary news sources. That’s why we are so excited about this amazing interview with the #NJsmall co-founder, Denise Blasevick!

In the article, journalist Nestor F. Sebastian dives into detail with Blasevick about how the #NJsmall movement was born – and about why it is such an important concept for Governor Murphy to consider.

The #NJsmall concept of incentivizing NJ’s big businesses to hire NJ’s small businesses will help speed the Garden State’s economic recovery without costing additional money. Instead, it will be a net gain for the state, keeping more business (and tax dollars) in NJ while more #NJsmall businesses survive the COVID aftermath.

What other small business survival solutions are being made of Governor Murphy right now that don’t require some sort of funding?

We need to keep the movement growing: more voices = more of a chance that Governor Murphy will turn #NJsmall into something more than a great concept. We hope you will:

  • Read the article
  • Share it via your social channels
  • Sign the petition (and ask others to do so)

Thank you for thinking big about NJ’s small businesses. And since this approach will help our state’s big businesses as well (they’re hurting, too), #NJsmall is better for all!