So far, the #NJsmall effort has been supported entirely by small businesses, including benefEx – the premier employee benefits consulting company in NJ. (If you’re in charge of benefits at your company, check them out!) IT’S TIME FOR NJ’S BIG BUSINESSES TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE – after all, the #NJsmall plan helps them too! We need their support to make this work. Here’s why…

As I write on this beautiful summer Sunday in NJ, where COVID appears to be mostly under control (for which I’m truly grateful), it’s easy to forget just how bad things are for small businesses. Closures. Partial openings. Figuring out work-from-home scenarios. Reduced sales. Downsizing. Scrambling to pivot to find ways to keep people employed. Not to mention suffering health dangers and worse. And it’s not even close to over.

In this new, unpredictable reality, many small business owners I have spoken to are running out of steam and wondering if they have the energy to continue the fight.

Why should that matter to you? Remember, pre-pandemic, NJ’s 860,000+ employed HALF of our private workforce! Plus, small businesses historically are responsible for creating 2/3 of the net NEW jobs.

Small business survival is critical for keeping NJ residents employed – and that’s key to our state’s economic recovery. That’s why the #NJsmall concept of asking NJ’s big businesses to reallocate their out-of-state vendor spends to #NJsmall businesses is so important. And that’s why we need Governor Murphy to legislate a 1% Corporate Business Tax incentivizing NJ’s big businesses to work with #NJsmall businesses.

YOU CAN HELP. We all know someone who works at one of the big businesses in NJ. PLEASE, reach out to them today and ask them to consider: 

1. Transferring out-of-state business to a #NJsmall business.

2. Signing this petition (and sharing it with others).

3. Providing financial support to #NJsmall to help us keep the pressure on Governor Murphy! Interested companies can email for more details.

Who will be the first #NJbig business to help? (We’ll be sure to let everyone know about that great news!) Speaking of getting the word out, thank you to The Citizen for this great article amplifying awareness of #NJsmall!

Enjoy this gorgeous NJ summer. And please help NJ enjoy a speedier economic recovery by boosting the #NJsmall signal.

Hiring #NJsmall is better for all!