News about the #NJsmall plan to help New Jersey’s economy recover quicker has made it to TV!

Be on the lookout for our first TV commercial, which will begin airing this week. And you can check out the spot for yourself right here:

We are three months into petitioning Governor Murphy to legislate the tax incentives needed to help encourage NJ’s big businesses to hire NJ’s small businesses – a move that will cost the state ZERO dollars and will, in fact, keep more money in the state. It will help more #NJsmall businesses survive. And it will help keep more NJ residents employed.

It only takes 30 seconds to understand the #NJsmall economic recovery plan. Let’s hope it doesn’t take the government too much longer to turn it into law!

Please watch the commercial and encourage others to do so. Please sign the petition if you have not yet done so. And please contact Governor Murphy to ask him to turn the #NJsmall economic recovery plan into law!

Let’s do this, New Jersey! Coming bag BIG starts NJsmall.

(Thank you to The S3 Agency for creating this impactful spot pro bono and to Marie Hoffman for donating her voiceover talent to bring it to life.)