The #NJSmall momentum is getting stronger! In addition to inspiring Assemblyman Gary Schaer to introduce Bill A4634, we are thrilled to announce that we now have Bill S2982 in the Senate – courtesy of Senators Dawn Marie Addiego and Anthony M. Bucco! 

THANK YOU to the legislators who are helping move forward the #NJSmall approach that will help hasten our state’s recovery by incentivizing #NJBig businesses to hire #NJSmall. 

As a reminder: this is the only approach we have seen that will fuel recovery without asking for funding! Those who hire small will receive a corporate business tax incentive – but then those businesses that now receive work will have income to be taxed on. Plus, keeping more business in our state is a net GAIN instead of a net DRAIN on NJ’s economy!

How will #NJSmall help?

  • More small businesses will survive, which means fewer people will be without work
  • Big businesses will be rewarded for helping to support small businesses, which means they can choose to use those incentives to make their businesses healthier
  • NJ will become a more business-friendly environment, which is critical to keeping businesses here -– and attracting others to call the Garden State home!

Please, please, please keep it going! Share the petition and ask others to sign. Contact your legislators and ask them to support these bills. And right now, today, commit to hiring small – even before #NJSmall becomes legislation.


With sincere thanks,

Denise Blasevick, co-founder of the #NJSmall movement