…for NJ’s small businesses, by helping turn #NJSmall into law!

When #NJSmall becomes legislation, we all win. This isn’t political. It’s about helping the Garden State’s economy survive by supporting our small businesses with THE ONLY NO-COST, SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION that anyone has brought to the legislature!

As a reminder, the #NJSmall solution to helping our small businesses — and our state’s economy — recover faster is simple: we are asking the governor to provide a 1% Corporate Business Tax incentive to our state’s big businesses when they hire #NJSmall businesses.

Assemblyman Schaer, Senator Addiego, and Senator Bucco have all sponsored the #NJSmall bill. NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE SURE THE BILL MAKES IT ALL THE WAY TO BECOMING LEGISLATION.

Please cast your vote TODAY by reaching out to your local state representatives (NJ State Senate and Assembly) and asking them to support the Bill (A-4634 / S-2982)!

If #NJSmall succeeds in becoming legislation, EVERYBODY WINS. Thank you!