NJsmall is going big – with billboards designed to get the governor’s attention about our approach to help our state’s economy recover faster (and sustainably)! PLEASE keep the momentum going and ask at least one person to sign the petition today.

Why is #NJsmall so important? This week, NJ.com reported that the EDA has awarded more than $25 million to about 6,700 small businesses in NJ. Let’s break that down: that means that, out of the 860,000 small businesses in our state, fewer than 7,000 received any of this aid. And the average amount of that aid is $3,700. While I truly appreciate all that the EDA is doing, I can tell you that $3,700 is not nearly enough to make a dent in the economic damage caused by COVID.

That’s why #NJsmall is so important! The government is not an endless money pit, they cannot be the source of financial recovery for our small businesses. But if our state’s big businesses take the funds they are spending with out-of-state vendors and reallocate them to spend with NJ’s small businesses instead, the Garden State’s economy will start to bloom again!

The best way to make that happen is for Governor Murphy to legislate a corporate business tax incentive that encourages #NJbig businesses to hire #NJsmall. It won’t cost the government anything. Instead, it will be a net revenue gain for the state — and more small businesses will survive, more people will have jobs, more money will stay in our state.

Thank you for your support so far. Let’s keep it going! Please ask your family, friends, and neighbors to sign the petition — and if you work at one of the large businesses located in New Jersey, please hire a #NJsmall business this week.

Hiring #NJsmall is better for all!