Isaias is the latest devastation for #NJsmall businesses. Over a million NJ homes and businesses have no power. The time for Governor Murphy to put the #NJsmall solution in place to help our small business community is NOW. 

The #NJsmall plan is the ONLY solution that will:
speed up NJ’s economic recovery,
• and have sustainable positive economic impact,
without costing NJ a dime.

How can Governor Murphy bring back some power for #NJsmall businesses? The Governor can LITERALLY sign an executive order RIGHT NOW to legislate a 1% Corporate Business Tax credit for #NJbig businesses when they hire #NJsmall businesses. 

When our big businesses hire our small businesses, more small businesses will survive. More NJ residents will have jobs. More money will stay in our state. That will help our economy will bounce back quicker – and it will support ongoing economic health.

We keep hearing how the Governor wants to help small businesses, and some temporary economic measures have been enacted that helped SOME businesses for a SHORT period of time. But the impact of COVID-19 on our small business economy needs more than that. What is the Governor waiting for? Why hasn’t he done the one thing that can help our small businesses the most?

What can you do?

  • Email the Governor’s Office and ask them to legislate #NJsmall.
  • Share the link so people to sign the petition.
  • Ask every NJ big business you know to start hiring more #NJsmall businesses immediately.

Without #NJsmall, we won’t be #JerseyStrong.